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What's the acceptance rate for Widener University?

Hello folks, I'm considering applying to Widener University and am trying to gauge my chances. Anybody got an insight on their acceptance rate or what they're looking for in an applicant?

12 days ago

Widener University has an acceptance rate of approximately 88%. This is based on historical data and may vary slightly from year to year.

In terms of what they're looking for in an applicant, Widener University doesn't solely focus on academics. While good grades and test scores can certainly boost your application, the university also values extracurricular involvement and personal character.

For instance, demonstrating leadership skills, community service, or even participation in school clubs or sports can boost your application. They're interested in seeing who you are beyond your grades. So, the combination of good grades, strong extracurricular participation, and personal qualities like resilience, ambition, and integrity can make a compelling applicant.

When it comes to your essays, it won't hurt to focus on these themes - perhaps recounting a specific instance when you've demonstrated leadership or resilience can resonate well with the Admissions Committee.

Just remember that while acceptance rates are a general gauge of how competitive a school is, they do not guarantee admissions outcomes. Every applicant's profile is different, so focus on building a well-rounded application that best exhibits your strengths and interests. Good luck!

12 days ago

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