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What are the acceptance rates of University of Minnesota?

I'm beginning to intensify my college search, and a school I've been interested in is the University of Minnesota. Does anyone have an idea of what their acceptance rates are like? Is it really competitive?

16 days ago

The University of Minnesota, also known as UMN or U of M, is a public research university with a fairly competitive acceptance rate. It consists of two campuses, Twin Cities and Duluth, with different levels of selectivity.

For the recent admissions cycle, the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities campus had an acceptance rate of about 75%. This means that more than half of the applicants were offered admission, which is moderately selective.

On the other hand, the University of Minnesota, Duluth campus is slightly easier to get into with the acceptance rate being around 80%.

Remember, acceptance rate is one aspect to consider while deciding where to apply, but it's also significant to look at factors such as location, size of the student body, academic offerings, and campus culture. Additionally, the criteria for admission into different majors might vary, so it could be beneficial to research the field you're interested in.

16 days ago

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