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Understanding the AP World History DBQ Rubric?

Hi! I'm trying to get a better handle on the DBQ section of the AP World History exam. Does anyone have a breakdown of the rubric or any tips on how to ensure I'm hitting all the points? Thanks in advance!

13 days ago

Absolutely, let's briefly break down the DBQ (Document Based Question) portion of the AP World History: Modern exam that you're inquiring about.

1. Thesis and Argument Development (0-2 Points): To get full points in this area, your response needs a clear, comprehensive, and analytical thesis in the introductory or the concluding paragraph.

2. Document Analysis (0-3 points): This requires you to correctly use and interpret minimum three documents.

3. Using Evidence Beyond the Documents (0-2 points): You get points for demonstrating evidence that relates to your argument but isn't from the documents provided. These should be relevant facts or examples that further support your thesis.

4. Sourcing (0-2 points): Using four of your documents, you should explain how the historical context, audience, purpose, or author's point of view is relevant to your argument.

5. Complexity (0-1 point): For this point, you must fully develop a complex argument, which can involve explaining both similarities and differences, or explaining both cause and effect, or other complex relationships.

As you're analyzing each document, try to determine the perspective the author is coming from, and how their position could be used in support of your own argument. A best practice is to analyze as many of the documents as possible, not just the minimum needed to earn points. Remember, the DBQ is meant to assess your ability to craft an argument under a time constraint, and utilize select documents towards that purpose. Being comfortable under the time pressure is also an aspect that you can improve upon with practice.

Hope this helps and best of luck with your prep!

13 days ago

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