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What does MIT's acceptance letter look like?

Hey, so this might sound like a weird question, but I've been dreaming about getting an acceptance letter from MIT. I was just wondering what it looks like- is it an email? An actual letter? Does it come with any cool MIT merchandise? I'm kind of sad I can't find many details online...

17 days ago

The excitement of waiting for an acceptance letter can certainly lead to questions like these! While the specifics might vary from year to year, generally, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) sends out its acceptance decisions online.

You'll receive an email notification to check your application status. When you log into your applicant portal, you'll see a link to the decision letter if you've been accepted. The details of the letter may change, too, but traditionally, it's been a heartfelt note from the admissions team congratulating you on your acceptance and emphasizing the qualities that made you stand out in their selection process.

As for physical mail, it varies by year and student, but in the past, they've sent out a traditional paper copy of the acceptance letter as well. Sometimes it includes a poster or another small MIT-themed item. However, don't count on getting MIT merchandise right away - after all, once you're admitted, you'll have plenty of opportunities to stock up on MIT gear!

While it's fun to think about the moment of acceptance, remember that the most important part is the work you're doing right now to make your application the best representation of yourself it can be. Best of luck with your application!

17 days ago

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