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What's the typical GPA requirement for Mizzou?

Hi there, I'm seriously considering applying to Mizzou next year, and I'm a bit worried about my GPA. Does anyone have any info on what GPA they usually look for? Thank you so much!

14 days ago

Mizzou (or The University of Missouri) actually conducts a comprehensive review of each application it receives. The average GPA of admitted students is typically around a 3.5, depending on the scale your school is using, but keep in mind this isn't a hard requirement.

They look at not only your overall GPA, but also your course selection, improvement over time, and the rigor of your curriculum along with other factors like extracurricular activities, leadership roles, and your planned field of study.

If your GPA is lower than the average, and Mizzou is really the school that you want to attend, you could still be a competitive applicant if you show strength in other areas. For instance, taking more AP classes, showing improvement throughout your high school career, or having a special talent or experience (like Tier 1 or 2 extracurriculars) are all ways to stand out.

However, always remember to have a variety of schools on your list – reach, target and safety schools – to ensure you have multiple options! Keep in mind that the higher your GPA, the more likely you are to be admitted. It's never too late to put in some extra effort to boost those grades where you can. Good luck with your application process!

14 days ago

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