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Reading Comprehension Improvement Tips?

Hey there! Could really use some advice. I keep struggling with reading comprehension, on both class readings and standardized tests. Got any tips on how to improve my reading comprehension?

14 days ago

Sure, I can certainly provide some guidance on this. To improve your reading comprehension, both for class assignments and standardized tests, you might want to start by improving your active reading skills. Active reading involves really engaging with the text you're reading. Here are a few methods you can try:

1. Highlighting and Underlining: Important points, main ideas, and useful info can be highlighted or underlined. However, do it sparingly. If everything is highlighted, then it defeats the purpose.

2. Taking Notes and Marginalia: Try jotting down your thoughts, reactions, or summaries in the margins as you read. You're more likely to remember info when you've written it down yourself. These notes can serve as a quick reference guide later on when you need to recall main points.

3. Summarize: Every few paragraphs or pages (or at the end of a chapter, depending on what you're reading), take a moment to summarize what you've just read. You can do this in your head, write it down, or even tell it to someone else. This helps consolidate your understanding.

For your standardized test prep, there are a few additional tips:

- Practice Regularly: The more you practice, the better. Use official practice materials if possible, as they will give you the most accurate representation of what to expect on the test day.

- Focus on the Questions: Before you start reading the passage, have a look at the questions first. Knowing what to look for in the passage can help streamline your reading and improve your comprehension.

- Use Process of Elimination: Particularly for multiple-choice questions, if you're unsure of the correct answer, try eliminating the options that you know for sure are incorrect. This narrows down your choices and can help you zero in on the correct answer.

Reading comprehension is a skill that can be improved with practice, so don't get discouraged if progress seems slow at first. You're building a skill and it'll get easier and quicker over time!

14 days ago

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