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To waive or not to waive recommendation letter rights

Hey guys! I've been struggling with a decision - should I waive my right to see my letters of recommendation for college admission or not? Will it affect how colleges perceive my application if I choose to access them? Got lots of mixed feelings about this, hope to get some clear answers.

16 days ago

Most college admission professionals would recommend that you waive your rights to review your recommendation letters. It's not necessarily about trust; it's more about keeping the process of the recommendations as unbiased and authentic as possible. Colleges tend to give more weight to a recommendation letter when the student has waived their rights to view it because they see it as a more honest and candid assessment.

In terms of how it would affect how a college perceives your application, this might vary. An admissions officer might wonder why you chose not to waive your rights - it could give them the impression of a lack of trust in your recommenders, or a sense that your letters may not be as authentic. However, keep in mind that this is just one small factor in a holistic review of your application, and is unlikely to heavily influence a decision.

In the end, the decision is yours, but in general, waiving your rights sends a signal that you're confident in your recommenders and honest in your application.

16 days ago

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