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How many times can I take the SAT during senior year?

Hello everyone! I'm planning to take the SAT during my senior year. How many times can I take it to improve my score, and when should I ideally take my last attempt to make sure colleges will have my scores before application deadlines?

8 months ago

Hello there! It's great that you're planning ahead for your SATs during your senior year. Technically, you can take the SAT as many times as it's offered during your senior year. However, think about the time needed to prep and the stress associated with multiple testing. Ideally, students should focus on taking the SAT 2-3 times to maximize their performance without overdoing it.

As for the timing, keep in mind the college application deadlines. For early action or early decision, you'll want your scores in by October or November. If you're applying regular decision, aim to take your last SAT by the December test date. This will ensure colleges receive your scores in time. Remember, each college has its own score submission deadlines, so double-check with the institutions you’re interested in!

It's also worth noting that some colleges accept score choice, allowing you to send only your best scores, while others ask for all your test scores. Others will also superscore, which means that they will accept the scores of multiple sittings and will consider your highest score in each section, regardless of which sitting that section is for. Check the policies of the schools you're applying to so you can plan effectively. Good luck with your test prep!

8 months ago

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