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Seeking advice for Princeton Admission

So, Princeton - awesome but intimidating. I want to apply but the competition seems unreal. Any recommendations or tips on how to increase my chances? What qualities are they looking for in students?

18 days ago

Princeton, like other top-tier schools, tends to look for students who excel academically and who have pursued their interests deeply, often achieving at a high level. Identify your "spike," or main area of interest, and make sure it's emphasized consistently throughout your application. You should have strong grades and test scores, as these are important for reaching the Academic Index cut-off that Princeton and other prestigious universities use.

High quality extracurriculars also matter. Successful applicants often have around 8-10 total extracurriculars, but they're usually highly-involved in a few. These should ideally be at "Tier 1" or "Tier 2" level, which means they show exceptional achievement or leadership at a national or international level, or they showcase high levels of achievement and leadership.

Princeton particularly values applicants who demonstrate intellectual curiosity, commitment to public service, potential for leadership, and resilience. Highlight these traits wherever possible in your essays and short answer responses in your application.

Speaking of essays, you should stand out with unique, creative, or insightful responses. This is where avoiding cliché topics becomes important. For instance, rather than write a generic essay about a sport or moving schools, find a pivot point that allows you to demonstrate self-awareness or growth.

Finally, the primary factors in the decision process are your academic ability, demonstrated interest, and potential fit at the university. Everything else is kind of like a feather on the scale.

I hope this helps and best of luck with your application!

18 days ago

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