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Are liberal arts colleges good for computer science?

Hello everyone! I'm currently considering some liberal arts colleges as part of my college search, but I'm planning to major in computer science. Are liberal arts colleges generally good choices for CS majors, or should I focus on other types of schools instead? I'd appreciate any advice or experience you can share!

8 months ago

Absolutely, liberal arts colleges can be excellent places to study computer science! While it's true that big research universities often have more resources and offer a wider range of courses in CS, liberal arts colleges offer a unique environment for learning. You'll benefit from small class sizes, which means you'll likely have more direct interaction with your professors. This can lead to strong mentoring relationships and opportunities for research and collaboration that you might not find at a larger institution.

For example, Amherst College has a cooperative arrangement with the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, which allows students to take courses at both institutions. This expands the breadth of courses available to students in a small college setting.

Plus, liberal arts colleges emphasize a well-rounded education, and a strong foundation in the liberal arts can enhance a computer science major's critical thinking and problem-solving skills, making them very attractive to employers. Just make sure that the colleges you're considering have the courses and resources that align with your interests in computer science!

8 months ago

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