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Would practicing martial arts stand out to admissions officers?

Hey everyone! So, I've been training in martial arts for several years and have competed in several tournaments. Does being involved in martial arts make an impact on my college application, and are there unique ways to present this to colleges?

8 months ago

Martial arts can definitely add a unique dimension to your college application, particularly if you've achieved a high level of success or if you've been dedicated to it for several years. Colleges appreciate applicants with diverse interests and the discipline, commitment, and resilience that martial arts training requires can be very appealing to admissions officers. To really make an impact, consider how this activity has shaped you and what qualities it has helped you develop that will be advantageous in college.

For example, if you've taught classes to younger students, this demonstrates your leadership and ability to mentor others. Additionally, if you've competed at a high level, this showcases your dedication and competitive spirit.

When presenting martial arts on your application, use your essays or activities section to reflect on these experiences and the skills you've gained from them, such as perseverance, strategic thinking, or an appreciation for cultural diversity. Make it a point to explain why martial arts is important to you and how it might translate into your contributions on campus—go beyond just listing your achievements. Remember, it's not just the activity, but the story behind it that will catch an admissions officer's attention.

8 months ago

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