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What's the average SAT score for MIT admissions?

Hi everyone, I'm aiming for MIT and wondered what the average SAT score for an admitted student at MIT is? This would help me understand if I need to retake my SAT or focus on other parts of my application.

12 days ago

While MIT does not officially post an average SAT score, they do provide a middle 50% score range. This means that half of the admitted students have SAT scores within this range. For MIT, the middle 50% range for the SAT is approximately from 1520 to 1580.

Keep in mind, though, MIT has a holistic review process. While test scores are important, they're certainly not the only thing admissions officers look at. You can also consider focusing on other elements of your application like your essays, extracurriculars, and letters of recommendation.

That being said, if your score is within or above the given range, you might already be competitive in terms of SAT scores. But if your score falls below the range and you believe you can improve, you might want to consider retaking the test. Make sure to balance this with adequate attention to other parts of your application.

12 days ago

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