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Where can I find SAT Practice Test 8?

Hey guys, I'm new to the SAT prep grind. Just wondering, does anyone know a reliable place where I can find and download SAT Practice Test 8? I've done the first few, but I'm having trouble locating this specific one. Thanks in advance!

13 days ago

Sure, you can find all the SAT practice tests, including Practice Test 8, on the College Board's website. They've uploaded 10 full-length practice tests, and you can access them for free. The great part is that these tests are complete with answer explanations. So once you're done, you can review your answers and understand where you went wrong – if you happened to make any mistakes.

Once you're on the College Board website, head to the SAT practice section. There you'll see a list of all the available practice tests. You should be able to find Practice Test 8 under the practice test list.

Remember that practicing under real test conditions can be incredibly beneficial. Try to mimic the testing conditions as closely as possible - find a quiet space, time yourself, and take only the permitted breaks. This will help you prepare for the pressure of the actual exam day. Good luck with your preparation!

13 days ago

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