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What's a competitive GPA for UC Berkeley?

Hi there! I'm a junior in high school and I am really interested in UC Berkeley. I am wondering, what GPA range do most successful applicants fall into, at UC Berkeley?

16 days ago

Certainly, having a strong GPA is important when applying to UC Berkeley, due to its competitive nature. Typically, successful applicants at UC Berkeley have a high GPA in the high 3s, often averaging around 3.9 unweighted.

This being said, a GPA is really just one portion of your academic profile. UC Berkeley, like many colleges, considers your grades within the context of your high school, the courses you've elected to take (advanced-placement classes, honors, etc.), and your upward grade trend over the years. It's crucial that you demonstrate academic rigor in your coursework – this consistency in pursuing challenging classes can sometimes be as important, or even more so, than the actual GPA.

Lastly, UC Berkeley employs a comprehensive review process. This means they look beyond just numbers to understand who you are as a student and potential member of their community. Your extracurricular involvement, essay responses, and any additional personal accomplishments will also be essential in the application process.

I hope this helps! Good luck with your application.

16 days ago

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