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Does the SAT cover specific subjects?

I'm a little confused about the SAT. Does it cover specific high school subjects like History or Physics, or is it more general skills? Need some help clarifying this. Thanks!

18 days ago

Hey there, happy to help clarify this for you! The SAT doesn't directly cover individual high school subjects such as History or Physics. Instead, it is structured around two main sections - Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW), and Math.

The EBRW section is comprised of a Reading Test and a Writing & Language Test. For the Reading Test, it typically includes passages from a variety of genres: science, history/social studies, and literary fiction. However, the focus isn't really on your prior knowledge of these subjects, but rather about your abilities in reading comprehension and inferential reasoning.

The Writing & Language Test is all about grammar, usage, and punctuation. It involves analyzing sentences, paragraphs, and complete passages and identifying any errors or improvements that can be made.

Moving to the Math section, it covers arithmetic, algebra I & II, geometry, trigonometry, and data analysis. Notably, the trigonometry questions only make up a small percentage of the math questions and don't involve any advanced trigonometry topics.

Just remember, both sections are structured to evaluate your problem-solving skills. So, while they are based around certain skills that you would learn in high school, they're not strictly testing you on specific academic subjects.

I hope this clears up your confusion! You got this!

18 days ago

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