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Does Stanford have a minimum GPA requirement for acceptance?

Hi, folks! As I'm gearing up for application season, I wanted to know if Stanford has a minimum GPA requirement. If they do, what is it typically? Would appreciate your advice on this.

6 days ago

Stanford University, like many highly selective colleges, does not have a specific minimum GPA requirement for undergraduate admissions. However, the academic profile of admitted students on Stanford's official website indicates that the vast majority of successful applicants have a GPA at or close to 4.0 if their high school uses a 4.0 scale.

One critical thing to bear in mind here is that Stanford, and colleges in general, don't just consider your GPA in a vacuum. Rather, it's considered alongside other academic factors, such as the rigor of your high school curriculum (i.e. have you challenged yourself with AP, IB, or Honors courses), classes you've taken related to your interested major, and standardized test scores.

Also, beyond academics, Stanford is interested in students who have demonstrated engagement with their communities and pursuits outside of the classroom, so don't forget to also focus on your extracurricular activities as you prepare to apply.

6 days ago

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