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How good is the engineering program at the top universities?

Just joined this channel and I'm already loving the energy. To the point: I'm super into engineering and I want to know how the top universities in the U.S (or globally) compare. Also, what kind of courses can I expect and what should I be doing right now to strengthen my application? Any advice would be appreciated!

16 days ago

Welcome to the forum! When it comes to top-tier engineering programs, there are several universities that stand out for different reasons. Here's a brief rundown of a few:

MIT is renowned for its engineering programs, particularly in areas like Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Stanford, on the other hand, has a sterling reputation for Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering. UC Berkeley is also prominent in the ranks, particularly in the fields of Civil and Industrial Engineering. Internationally, the University of Cambridge and Imperial College London stand out in the UK.

As for what you can expect, engineering courses typically involve an array of technical subjects like mathematics, physics, computer science, and specific courses related to your discipline like Electrical Circuit Theory (if you're into Electrical Engineering) or Fluid Mechanics (if you're leaning towards Mechanical Engineering). Many programs also require coursework in the humanities and social sciences.

To strengthen your application, definitely invest your time in extracurricular activities related to your field. Competitions such as the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair or the First Robotics Competition, if available in your area, could prove quite valuable. Furthermore, consider internships, research opportunities, or part-time jobs related to engineering. These can significantly contribute to your 'spike,' or in-depth passion and achievement in engineering, and can give you some real-world context and experiences to refer to in your application essays.

At the same time, aim for strong performance in your math and science courses -- doing well in these is crucial for showing academic preparation for engineering. Taking AP or advanced classes in Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, and Statistics can be beneficial.

Good luck! Don't forget to look at each school's specific admission requirements and tailor your preparation accordingly.

16 days ago

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