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University of Texas Admission Requirements

Hey guys, does anyone know the usual admission requirements for the University of Texas? I'm doing all I can to make my app the best it can be, but still feel a bit unsure about what all they're looking for.

5 days ago

Sure, I'd be happy to shed some light on this!

For the University of Texas at Austin, the primary factors they consider in admissions are your academic performance and achievements. They'll look at your GPA, the rigor of your coursework (have you taken advanced courses like AP/IB or honors), your class rank, and since it's now part of their requirements for the 2024-2025 application cycle, your SAT or ACT scores.

Admission to many programs at UT Austin is highly competitive. For instance, Engineering and Computer Science tend to have an average SAT score around the 1500 mark, which is notably higher than the mid-range for the institution as a whole.

But it's not just about stats. UT Austin, like many public universities, follows the principles of holistic review. This means they also pay close attention to your application essays (you'll have to respond to prompts in the ApplyTexas or Coalition Application, as well as additional short answer questions), as well as extracurricular involvement and leadership, special talents, and other personal qualities that highlight your potential to positively impact their campus and the world.

Essentially, UT Austin wants to see that you've challenged yourself academically, participated meaningfully in a few extracurricular activities, and can contribute to their campus community in unique and impactful ways. Make sure your application essays focus on showing who you are as a person and how you've used your experiences and opportunities to learn and grow. It might be a good idea to showcase your 'spike,' or a highly developed specialty you have, as this can help you stand out from other well-rounded applicants.

I hope this helps! The University of Texas is a great school, and it’s definitely worth the effort you're putting into your application. Good luck!

5 days ago

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