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Alternatives to Fordham with a similar urban campus?

Currently a junior here trying to build my college list. I'm drawn to Fordham because of its location in New York and its Jesuit values, but I want to consider all my options. What are some other universities that offer a similar blend of urban campus life and strong academics?

8 months ago

Hey there! Excited to hear you're considering schools like Fordham! My child ran a similar search last year and looked into urban campuses with a strong academic focus. Here are a few we considered:

1. Boston College is a Jesuit university located in the vibrant city of Boston and offers a similar collegiate atmosphere.

2. Loyola University Chicago could be another strong contender with its urban setting near downtown and Jesuit affiliation.

3. University of San Francisco has that urban feel and Jesuit values but with a different city experience.

Each has its own distinct culture, but you'll find that heartening blend of city life and intellectual rigor. Research each a bit and see what clicks with you. Don't forget to look into what specific programs you are interested in—some schools might have stronger offerings in your intended major. Best of luck building your list!

8 months ago

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