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The SAT score range for Princeton University?

What's up people? I'm starting to look into colleges and Princeton caught my eye. Does anyone have any information about the SAT score ranges that Princeton generally accepts?

9 days ago

Absolutely! Typically, for highly selective universities like Princeton, you'd want a very strong SAT score to be competitive. For the class of 2027, the SAT score for Princeton students ranged from approximately 1510 to 1560 when considering the 25th-75th percentile range, also known as the middle 50%.

This means that, roughly, 50% of admitted students scored within this range. A student would likely draw some pause from the admissions committee if they scored below the 25th percentile (about 1510), though it wouldn't necessarily disqualify them. Conversely, those scoring above the 75th percentile (about 1560) were on the higher end of the spectrum.

I hope that helps! If you're aiming for Princeton, best of luck in your preparations! Your hard work will surely pay off.

9 days ago

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