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What's the format of the SAT now?

Hey peeps! Heard they changed the SAT format recently, and I'm feeling a little stressed trying to keep up. Can someone break it down for me?

11 days ago

Absolutely, no problem at all. Recently, the SAT transitioned to a fully digital format. Here's what you need to know about the changes in structure:

The digital SAT includes both Reading and Writing sections, along with a Math section. These are broken down into two modules each, for a total of four modules:

1. Reading and Writing: This comprises two 32-minute modules, giving you a total of 64 minutes to answer 54 questions. Here, you have around 71 seconds to answer each question.

2. Math: This involves two 35-minute modules. You will have a total of 70 minutes to answer 44 questions. In this case, you'll have roughly 96 seconds, or a bit over a minute and a half for each question.

The entire duration of the digital SAT, therefore, is 134 minutes to complete a total of 98 questions.

A significant point to note is that the SAT no longer includes a no-calculator section. This means you can use a calculator for both math modules now. Preparation for the new format might feel a little daunting at first, but a great tool to get the hang of it is the Bluebook™ app, which provides you with a preview of the digital SAT and even lets you take a full-length practice test.

I hope that helps you understand the changes! Good luck with your preparation.

11 days ago

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