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Typical GPA for UC Santa Barbara students?

Hey guys, so I'm thinking about applying to UC Santa Barbara, and I was wondering what the typical GPA is for students there. I'm trying to gauge my odds here, any info would be appreciated!

11 days ago

Sure! UC Santa Barbara is a popular choice, so it's always good to understand what you're up against. The most recent statistics indicate that the average high school GPA of those admitted is quite high—typically around 4.13 to 4.29. This means that most admitted students were A-level students in high school, often taking challenging coursework like AP or IB classes to achieve GPA above the standard 4.0 scale.

But remember, these are averages, so there are students on both the higher and lower ends of that number. It's also important to remember that GPAs are just one part of your application. Admission officers look at other factors as well, such as your essays and extracurricular activities. So if your GPA is below 4.0, don't lose hope, you can definitely showcase your strengths in other areas of your application. Best of luck with your college application journey!

11 days ago

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