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Does anyone know the average SAT score for UGA?

Hey mates, I'm a high school junior interested in UGA. I've been studying for the SAT but not sure where I stand. Does anyone have data regarding the average SAT score for students admitted to UGA?

6 days ago

Yes, of course! For the University of Georgia (UGA), the middle 50% range for SAT scores for admitted students is usually around 1240-1410. However, keep in mind that these are the scores for the middle 50%, which means 25% of students scored below that range and 25% of students scored above. So, while scoring within or above this range doesn't guarantee admission, it could increase your chances.

UGA, similar to many universities, conducts a holistic review of applicants, so your SAT score is not the only determining factor. Your GPA, the rigor of your high school courses, extracurricular activities, essays, and recommendation letters are also significant components of your application.

Work hard on your SAT prep, but remember to also dedicate time to your other responsibilities and interests. Good luck with everything! You've got this.

6 days ago

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