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Looking for universities with a similar urban campus and opportunities as Temple University

So I visited Temple and really loved the urban campus and the plethora of opportunities in the city. I want to find out if there're more schools out there with a similar setting, preferably in different cities since I'm still figuring out where I want to be. Any ideas?

8 months ago

It's exciting to hear that you enjoyed your visit to Temple University! If you're looking for an urban setting with ample opportunities in the surrounding city, there are several other universities for you to consider. For instance, Boston University and Northeastern University in Boston offer vibrant urban campuses with a strong integration into the city. Just like Temple, they provide a wealth of internships, professional connections, and possibilities for volunteer work given their central locations.

DePaul University in Chicago or George Washington University in Washington, D.C are also nestled in bustling cities with rich professional and cultural environments. Lastly, have a look at New York University which is quite exemplary when it comes to having an urban campus that is integrated into the heart of a major city. Some students find being so immersed in New York City at such a young age overwhelming, but if the fit is right for you, it can be an unparalleled opportunity for growth!

Research these options and see if they might offer the combination of urban campus vibe and city life you're drawn to. Best of luck finding the perfect fit!

8 months ago

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