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ACT Scores for Clemson University

Hey everybody, just a junior here studying for ACTs. Anyone knows what the average or range of ACT scores is for Clemson University? Aiming for that Tiger pride! Any advice on what I should aim for? Thanks in advance.

15 days ago

Hello! Based on recent data, Clemson University's ACT score range for admitted students is between 26 and 31. This means that 50% of the students who are admitted into Clemson score within this range on the ACT. So if Clemson University is your dream college, your aim should be to have an ACT score that falls within or ideally, above this range.

While it's important to aim high in your ACT score, the score alone won't guarantee your admission. Admissions officers look at various aspects of your application, so consider your academic and extracurricular profile as well. Diversify your profile with strong grades, Tier 1 or Tier 2 extracurriculars, effective essays, and strong recommendation letters. Although a strong ACT score can certainly make your application competitive, an application that is well-rounded in other areas can still be strong, even if your ACT score is slightly below Clemson's average range. Best of luck in your preparation, and I hope you reach your goal!

15 days ago

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