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Preference for SAT or ACT in the college application process?

Okay, I'm planning out my testing schedule and I'm torn – should I focus on the SAT, ACT, or both? Do colleges these days lean towards one over the other, or is it all the same to them?

8 months ago

In the landscape of college admissions, most institutions in the United States maintain a neutral stance when it comes to the SAT versus the ACT. They typically do not prefer one over the other. Your foremost priority should be to determine which test aligns better with your strengths and test-taking style.

For instance, the ACT includes a science reasoning section and has a slightly faster pace per question, while the SAT gives you more time per question and focuses more on evidence-based reading and writing and math. Try out a practice test for each and see which format you feel more comfortable with, and if you like them both, going for whichever you perform better on would probably make sense.

Once you've made a decision, channel your efforts into preparing for that test to maximize your score, rather than splitting your focus, as there's no point spending time and energy on a test you won't be takingg.

8 months ago

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