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What's the acceptance rate like at Millersville University?

Hi peeps, do any of you know what the acceptance rate at Millersville University is like? I'm considering adding it to my list, but just wanted to get a better idea of how competitive it is.

10 days ago

Sure, as of data available up until now, Millersville University has an acceptance rate of approximately 92%. However, remember that this is a historical rate and can fluctuate from year to year.

While acceptance rate is a good preliminary gauge of a school's selectivity, it's important to know that admission isn't purely a numbers game. Different aspects, such as your high school GPA, the specific program you're applying to, and extracurricular involvement can play a significant role in the admissions process. Always focus on creating a balanced list of universities, encompassing safety, match, and reach schools, irrespective of the acceptance rate.

Best of luck with your application process!

10 days ago

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