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Navigating Visual Design Schools

Hi folks, I'm super into graphic design and visual arts and I'm strongly considering making that my major. I'm trying to collect info and I want to know - which schools are best known for these programs? And how do I identify what makes a great visual design program?

6 days ago

In terms of well-known colleges for graphic design and visual arts, a few institutions come to mind:

- Rhode Island School of Design (RISD): Renowned for its impactful Visual Arts and Design programs.

- Parsons School of Design at The New School: Offers robust training in these disciplines.

- Pratt Institute: Has a celebrated reputation in Visual Arts.

- Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA): Regarded for its contribution to visual arts and design studies.

- Carnegie Mellon University: Specifically, their School of Design is quite reputable.

Identifying a strong Visual Design program often comes down to several key factors:

Faculty: Look for a faculty that is practicing professionals in the field. This ensures you're getting the most updated education, based on their expertise and hands-on experiences.

Curriculum: A great program should offer a comprehensive and broad range of course work, from fundamentals to advanced topics, covering different aspects such as typography, branding, advertising, UX/UI design, and illustration.

Internship Opportunities and Job Placement: Access to internships and job placements upon graduation is essential for real-world experience and building your portfolio. Check for partnerships with local businesses, design studios, and companies.

Resources: Look for campuses that offer modern, industry-standard tools and software which will facilitate a broad scope of designing capabilities and endeavors.

Alumni Success: Review outcomes for the program's graduates. Are they working in their desired fields? Do they have successful careers in top design companies? If the answer is yes, that’s a good sign of the program's effectiveness.

Portfolio Requirement: High-quality programs often require a portfolio for admission. This ensures that incoming students are committed and have a basic level of skills. It sets a higher standard for the program and the students within it.

Remember, though, the best fit for you will be very subjective; so, make sure to visit these schools (if possible), reach out to students and faculty, and thoroughly research their offerings to make sure you find the best program for your personal interests and goals.

6 days ago

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