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What's the deal with WWU's acceptance rate?

Hey everyone, I've been looking at Western Washington University lately. Anyone know what kind of acceptance rate they have? I'm just trying to gauge my admission chances a bit better. I've got pretty decent grades and activities, but I know acceptance rates can be pretty telling about a school's competitiveness.

6 days ago

Western Washington University (WWU) is generally considered to be a moderately selective school. For the 2024-2025 application cycle, WWU has an acceptance rate of around 93%. However, keep in mind that even though the acceptance rate is high, WWU is still seeking students who are academically prepared.

In the interest of better understanding your potential fit for WWU, you should also take some time to review its academic profiles. A typical admitted student at WWU has a GPA of 3.43 - 3.97 on a 4.0 scale. It's good that you've already mentioned your decent grades and activities, as these factors will be important in your application, along with your personal essays.

With an acceptance rate like WWU's, it's clear that they admit most of the students who apply. However, make no mistake - the university is looking for academically motivated students who will contribute positively to the campus community. A strong application is still needed to secure your spot. Stay thoughtful and meticulous as you compile your application, and you'll have a solid chance.

6 days ago

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