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How can I distinguish my college resume from job resumes?

Hey everyone, as I'm gearing up to apply to colleges soon, I'm getting together my resume. I know it's not quite the same thing as a job resume, so could anyone give me a breakdown of how a college resume should look? What sort of sections would make mine stand out, and how much detail is typically expected about extracurriculars?

8 months ago

Hello! I'm glad you're putting thought into your college resume, as it's an excellent tool to showcase your achievements and activities. Unlike a job resume, a college resume can afford to be more detailed, especially about your extracurricular involvements. Be sure to include any leadership roles, initiatives you've started or been a part of, and the impact of your involvement.

For example, if you were the president of a club, highlight how you grew the club's membership or the successful events you organized. Make sure that the information you include truly adds to a school's understanding of who you are. Remember, they also have your activities list and your essays, so if your resume isn't saying anything they can't already learn in one of those two places, you're probably better off not submitting one, so that schools can focus their full attention on the parts of your application that are going to help them decide about your candidacy.

In terms of format, sections you might want to include are Education, Test Scores, Extracurricular Activities, Community Service, Work Experience, Skills, and Awards/Honors. Under Community Service, detail the type of work, the organization you volunteered with, the number of hours, and any notable contributions you made. This can emphasize your commitment to your community even more than your standard activities list.

Also, provide some context for your accomplishments to help admissions officers understand the level of your involvement and leadership. Showing your personality and passions through your activities will certainly make your resume stand out!

8 months ago

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