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Do top colleges view online high schools differently than traditional ones?

Hi folks, I've been attending an online high school due to personal circumstances since my sophomore year. Do you think this will affect how colleges perceive my education and application, considering it's not the typical high school experience?

8 months ago

Firstly, I want to assure you that colleges understand and accommodate diverse educational pathways, including students attending online high schools. What’s most important is the rigor of the courses you’ve taken and your performance in them. Make sure your transcript includes challenging coursework, such as Honors, AP, or IB classes if they're available to you.

For instance, if a student I worked with had completed several AP courses online and performed well on the exams, it provided strong evidence of the student's readiness for college-level work. Additionally, ensure your application highlights the unique skills you’ve developed through online learning — self-motivation, time management, and adaptability are all highly valued by admissions committees.

Furthermore, use your personal essay to contextualize your online high school experience. This is your opportunity to explain your decision and how it has shaped you. Through this lens, admissions officers can get a better understanding of your academic journey and evaluate your achievements within the context of the opportunities you’ve had.

8 months ago

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