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How rigid are Brown University's admissions requirements?

Hey guys, I've been looking into Brown's website for some insight but it's still kind of confusing for me. I get that they don't explicitly state a specific SAT score cutoff, but does anyone here have an idea of what kind of scores are typically attractive to them? I'm really shooting for an Ivy, and any advice would be appreciated. Thanks guys!

12 days ago

While there's no strict cutoff for SAT scores at Brown University, most admitted students trend towards the higher end of the spectrum. For the 2024-2025 application cycle, Brown, unlike some of its Ivy League counterparts, has reinstated a standardized testing requirement, meaning students must submit either the SAT or ACT.

From the most recently available data, we know that the middle 50% range for SAT scores of students admitted to Brown was between 1490 to 1550. This means that 25% of their students scored below 1490 and 25% scored above 1580. If you're aiming to increase your odds, aiming for the top 25% range (above 1580) could significantly improve your chances.

Bear in mind that while test scores do matter for Brown, they are just one aspect of the holistic admissions process. This means they also carefully consider your coursework, grades, essays, letters of recommendation, and extracurricular involvement.

Given that Brown is particularly known for its open curriculum, they value intellectual curiosity and individuality, so make sure your application, especially your essays and extracurricular activities, reflect these traits.

In conclusion, while a competitive SAT score will certainly be an asset, Brown University evaluates candidates based on a multifaceted picture of who they are as students and as individuals.

12 days ago

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