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Top music conservatories in USA?

I'm a aspiring musician in my junior year and I've started to consider colleges. I've heard a lot about the top music conservatories in USA. Anyone here attended or have experiences to share? Also, how do I choose between them. It's a little overwhelming for me.

4 days ago

Certainly, selecting the right music conservatory can be a critical step in your career as a musician! To start, here are some of the top music conservatories in the USA you may want to consider:

1. Juilliard School, New York: Known for its high standards and competitiveness, it offers programs in music, dance, and drama.

2. New England Conservatory of Music, Massachusetts: One of the oldest in the country, it's respected for its wide array of disciplines and strong faculty.

3. Eastman School of Music, New York: Associated with the University of Rochester, Eastman is renowned for its comprehensive music program and a wide array of majors.

4. Curtis Institute of Music, Pennsylvania: Known for its selective admission and full-tuition scholarships to all students, offering programs in music, opera, and other cognate fields.

5. The Colburn School, California: This is one of the newer schools but has quickly gained a reputation for excellent training, particularly in performance.

When choosing between them, consider the following:

Strength of your Program: You'll want to attend a school that excels in your particular area of interest - for instance, in vocal performance, or jazz studies, or composition. Don't be afraid to ask for statistics about job placement and alumni success in your area.

Faculty: Research the faculty members and see who you would like to study with. The faculty will play in your musical training a major role.

Location: Think about where you'd like to spend your college years. Each city provides distinct opportunities for performances and internships, as well as a different general lifestyle.

Financial Aid: Given that music conservatories can be quite expensive, understanding the financial aid offerings and scholarships is key.

Alumni Network: A strong network can help ease your transition into a professional career.

Lastly, virtual tours and online open days can also be helpful, along with reaching out to current students or alumni to hear about their experiences. It's important to take your time with this decision, gather as much information as possible, and trust your instincts. Good luck on your journey!

4 days ago

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