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Too Many APs? - 4 AP Classes in Junior Year

I'm currently choosing classes for my junior year, and I'm considering taking 4 AP classes. Is this workload too much, or should I go for it? I'm a little stressed about balancing academics and extracurriculars. Any suggestions?

8 months ago

Hey there! It's great that you're thinking about your workload with a balanced approach. When it comes to determining if 4 AP classes are too much, it really depends on the individual and their time management skills, as well as which AP classes they plan on taking. Some AP classes can be more demanding than others.

It might help to consider how confident you feel in your ability to handle the subjects. Also, think about how much time your extracurricular activities require, and how much free time you will have to balance it all. Ask yourself if you think you can handle the increased workload while maintaining your mental well-being.

For example, my own child took 3 AP classes in her junior year but made sure to prioritize time for her extracurriculars. This helped in keeping both her academics and extracurriculars on a high level.

Always remember, quality over quantity! It's better to excel in fewer classes than to spread yourself too thin. Good luck with your decision!

8 months ago

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