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What’s the ideal layout for a college resume?

Kinda stressed about making my resume for college apps. Does anyone have tips on what a college resume should include or look like? I've got plenty of stuff I could list but I wanna know how to organize it so that it’s impressive but not overwhelming. Should I focus more on my leadership roles, part-time job, or community service? Help a junior out?

8 months ago

Hi there! Crafting a college resume can certainly seem daunting, but remember, its main goal is to present the activities and achievements that are most important to you. Generally, you might want to start with your education, followed by experience that could include your part-time job, leadership roles, and community service. List each section in reverse chronological order, with your most recent activities at the top.

It’s also useful to detail the level of involvement and any notable accomplishments for each activity; for example, if you were the president of a club, mention any initiatives you led or milestones the club reached during your tenure. Quantifying your achievements can add a layer of credibility – if you organized a charity drive that collected over 1,000 items, that’s a concrete fact that adds weight to your application. Finally, ensure that your resume is clean and easy to read, using bullet points rather than paragraphs. Focus on what you feel are your strongest contributions and consider tailoring your resume to highlight the experiences most relevant to your prospective colleges and intended field of study.

8 months ago

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