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What GPA do I need for Texas Tech?

Howdy! I'm a junior looking into Texas Tech. I've heard mixed bag on GPA cutoffs - hoping for some clarification here. Anyone know what their GPA requirements are?

17 days ago

Texas Tech University doesn't have a strict GPA cutoff for their admissions process, as they review applications on a holistic basis. However, the average GPA of admitted students tends to hover around 3.62. So, having a GPA above 3.5 might put you on good grounds for competitive consideration.

That being said, Texas Tech also considers course rigor and the trend of your grades over time—thus, a slight GPA drop in freshman year followed by a consistent climb may be seen more positively than a downward trend

Additionally, while GPA is important, don't neglect other components of your application—test scores (if you're submitting them), your essays, letters of recommendation, as well as your activities list will also play a crucial role in your admission decision. Make sure to show your passion, dedication and achievements in all these areas as well.

17 days ago

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