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YYGS summer program — worth it?

Hello! I'm considering applying for the YYGS summer program. Has anyone here participated in it and can share some experiences? Good/bad? Worth the time? Thanks!

14 days ago

The Yale Young Global Scholars (YYGS) program is a great opportunity, and in general, participants often have positive experiences from taking part in it. Some key strengths of the program are its selectiveness and prestige, its immersion in the Yale University environment, and the chance to get to know students from around the world. It's basically a fast-paced, intellectually intense program where you get to explore a specific area of interest like Politics, Law, and Economics, or Biological and Biomedical Sciences, among others.

One unique aspect of this program is that you'll be in a collegiate environment, and can leverage this experience in your college application, revealing that you have a feel for campus life and are ready for post-secondary education at a high level.

Moreover, lots of students find the networking aspect of this program beneficial. You'll get to meet a lot of like-minded peers who can expand your worldview and help you make connections that can last well beyond the summer.

However, the program doesn't come without a cost. Not only does it have a tuition fee, but you may also have housing and transportation costs to consider, although they do offer financial aid to those who qualify. It's certainly not something you'll want to commit to just for the sake of resume padding—it's a significant investment of both time and resources.

Therefore, I'd suggest considering the following factors: your interest in the subject matter, your willingness and ability to handle a highly rigorous program, your readiness for a collegiate environment, and your financial situation.

Think about these perspectives, and it'll be easier for you to decide if YYGS is a good fit for you. Good luck!

14 days ago

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