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Liberal Arts Colleges similar to Vassar?

Hi friends! I've fallen in love with Vassar College, but I can't find the same vibe somewhere else. Could someone please suggest some colleges that are like Vassar in terms of their academics, sense of community, and commitment to the liberal arts?

8 months ago

Hello there! I can certainly relate to your admiration for Vassar's liberal arts focus – my own child looked for something similar before settling into their current college. You might want to look into schools like Wesleyan University, which also offers a flexible curriculum and a vibrant campus culture. Oberlin College is another institution known for its progressive ethos and strong emphasis on the arts, much like Vassar.

Another school that comes to mind is Amherst College; it's part of the Five College Consortium, offering a wide pool of resources and a collaborative atmosphere. Swarthmore College is also renowned for its rigorous academics and commitment to an inclusive community, mirroring Vassar's values.

Each of these schools has its unique personality, but they all share a dedication to liberal arts education and fostering a tight-knit community. Visiting campuses, if possible, and reaching out to current students or alumni might give you a better sense of which college could be your perfect match. Good luck in finding a college that resonates with you as much as Vassar does!

8 months ago

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