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Brag Sheet Basics

Somebody mentioned a 'brag sheet' in one of my classes today. Can anyone explain what this is and how I should use it when applying for colleges?

15 days ago

Sure! A "brag sheet" is a tool that's often utilized when it comes to applying for colleges. It's essentially a document that summarizes your achievements, activities, skills, and qualities that make you stand out as a strong candidate for a college. The information is presented in a concise and organized manner that's easy for others to digest.

The main purpose of a brag sheet is to showcase your accomplishments and qualifications effectively. You can use it as a resource while filling out your college application, especially as you detail your extracurricular activities and honors. It can also serve to assist those writing your letters of recommendation and give them a comprehensive view of your accomplishments.

A good brag sheet should include the following:

1. Personal Information: Your full name, school, and contact information.

2. Academic Achievement: Your GPA, honors, awards, and relevant coursework.

3. Extracurriculars: List all of your involvement in clubs, sports, organizations, and the roles you played. This is where the ‘4 Tiers of Extracurriculars’ can be especially useful to highlight the extent and scope of your activities.

4. Skills and Qualities: Highlight any special skills and positive qualities you possess.

5. Community Service: Include any community service or volunteering experiences.

6. Work Experience: If you have any job or internship experience, it should be included, too.

7. Areas of Interest: Disclose any academic subjects or potential fields of study you are especially interested in.

Remember, a brag sheet is not a resume. It's more detailed and specific to the college application process and it considers factors that college admissions officers are likely to look for in applicants. It's your job to review this list periodically to keep it up-to-date and ready to use when you need it. Use it as a tool to help keep track of all your achievements and extracurriculars, and as a helpful guide when it’s time to write your college essays or ask for letters of recommendation.

Good luck with your applications!

15 days ago

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