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Looking for a free ACT practice test online

Hello, I'm hitting a bit of a wall with my ACT prep due to budget constraints. Does anyone know where I can find free ACT practice tests online to keep my prep going?

5 days ago

Certainly, there are several reliable resources online where you can find free ACT practice tests.

First, the ACT organization itself provides a free official practice test on their website. This is the closest experience you'll get to the actual test since it's created by the same people who design the ACT.

Second, The Princeton Review often offers one free, full-length ACT practice online.

Third, McGraw-Hill even hosts 10 free ACT practice tests you can use.

Make sure to simulate testing conditions as closely as possible when you're practicing. That means setting a timer, using official ACT bubbling sheets, and taking only the officially allotted breaks. This will help you get used to the testing environment, being under timed conditions, and improve your pacing strategies.

Remember, the most important part of taking practice tests is going through your answers afterward. Figure out why you got certain questions wrong and how you can avoid those mistakes in the future. This way, you learn from your errors and increase your chances of improving your score in the actual test. Good luck with your practice!

5 days ago

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