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About Carthage College Acceptance Rate

Hello guys, I’m considering applying to Carthage College. Just wanted to know, what’s the acceptance rate like? Do I have a good shot or should I consider it a reach school?

3 days ago

Carthage College, located in Kenosha, Wisconsin, is generally considered a school that isn't highly competitive when it comes to acceptance rates. According to recent statistics, Carthage College has an acceptance rate of about 82%, which indicates that most students have a decent shot of being accepted.

However, whether a college is a reach, match, or safety school depends on individual factors like your academic and extracurricular profile. While the acceptance rate can provide a general idea of the school's selectivity, it's important to closely consider their academic expectations as well, to get a more concrete sense of how you personally stack up.

For example, the average accepted student at Carthage College typically has a GPA around 3.3 and an ACT score around 24 (or an SAT score around 1100).

Remember, these are just averages - the admission process will evaluate your entire application, including things like extracurriculars, not just your grades and test scores. But, they can give you a better initial sense of how you stack up at Carthage than just the school's overall acceptance rate.

Good luck with your application process!

3 days ago

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