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Importance of High School Science Classes for College Admissions

Hey guys! As I start thinking about college, I want to understand how important taking advanced science classes in high school is. I've always been more into humanities, but does not taking AP Bio or Chem make my application weaker? I got a solid grasp on the basics though. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

6 days ago

While it's true that selective colleges like to see students challenging themselves academically, it's equally important to pursue subjects where your interests and strengths lie. In your case, if you're more naturally drawn to humanities than sciences, it may be more beneficial for you to focus your attention there. Depth of study is essential.

That said, demonstrating a well-rounded academic record by taking advanced courses across multiple disciplines could strengthen your application. You might consider taking at least one AP science course if you can do so without negatively impacting your overall GPA or your performance in the humanities classes that you're passionate about. Plus, grasping a science at an advanced level could open up unseen avenues in humanities too—think bioethics, science writing, or history of science.

Keep in mind that admission officers also look at your course selections in the context of what's available at your school. If your high school offers a wealth of AP science courses and you bypass all of them, it might appear as though you're avoiding challenging yourself in that particular area.

So, to recap, don't feel compelled to take AP science courses just to show a rigorous course load. It's better to excel in the subjects you love and are genuinely interested in. Just make sure to continue showing strength in your humanities courses.

6 days ago

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