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Difference between an 890 and 920 SAT score

Hey everyone! Just got my SAT scores: 920. I know a friend who got an 890, and we're wondering how big of a difference that is. Will these 30 points help me get into a better college? Could use some insight.

9 days ago

When discussing the significance of an SAT score difference, consider several important factors. First, both scores of 890 and 920 are below the national average score of 1060 for the year 2024. An additional 30 points theoretically could make a difference in the admissions process, particularly if it boosts your score above a college's accepted student average. However, the range you're considering is generally low for most four-year institutions.

But remember, test scores are just one component of your application. Universities also consider your GPA, course rigor, extracurricular involvement, letters of recommendation, and personal essays when making admissions decisions. It's crucial to work on these aspects of your application, as they often have more weight than an SAT score, especially at colleges adopting test-optional or test-flexible policies.

So, while an increase from 890 to 920 can be a positive sign of improvement, focusing solely on this slight increase might not significantly change your admissions prospects. Instead, consider taking the SAT again after some considerable preparation, aiming for a more sizable score increase. Alternatively, focus on other elements of your application that can showcase your strengths and interests.

9 days ago

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