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SAT Questions Breakdown

Hey guys! I'm a little stressed about the SAT. Can anybody tell me - roughly how many questions are there in each section? I know the number varies slightly from test to test, but just to get a general idea! Thanks in advance.

12 days ago

Hello! I can definitely understand why the amount of questions on the SAT might feel a bit overwhelming. The digital SAT, in effect since Spring 2024, has a structure that includes:

1) Reading and Writing: There are two 32-minute modules for this section, containing a total of 54 questions. This gives you approximately 71 seconds per question.

2) Math: Similarly, there are two 35-minute modules for this section with a total of 44 questions. Here, you have about 96 seconds per question, or a little over a minute and a half.

So, in total, the digital SAT contains 98 questions which you complete over 134 minutes. It's important to remember this structure as you practice and start timing your responses. Good studying and best of luck with your preparation!

12 days ago

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