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What's with NYU's Retention Rate?

Hello everyone! I've been exploring different colleges and NYU came up. Their retention rate is considerably high. Does that mean the students are generally happier there? Or does it have to do more with institutional support in place to help students succeed? I'm slightly confused, help please!

3 days ago

A high retention rate, like the one at NYU, generally indicates that a large majority of students are satisfied with their college experience and decide to return for subsequent years. It's a common metric used to measure student satisfaction and the overall student experience. If many students were dissatisfied, you'd likely see them transferring out and thus lowering the retention rate.

However, it's worth considering that a high retention rate does not necessarily mean every student is happy. Factors contributing to a high retention rate can include robust support systems, such as academic advising, tutoring, mental health resources, and financial aid programs, to name a few. These supports can significantly influence a student's decision to continue their studies at the institution, even if they face challenges along the way.

At NYU specifically, they offer a variety of resources to help students succeed academically and socially, which might attribute to their high retention rate. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that every student at NYU is overwhelmingly happy. Different students have different experiences, and it's essential to get a broader picture from student testimonials, visiting campus, and reaching out to current students or alumni.

In the end, a high retention rate is a good indicator but shouldn't be the sole factor in your college decision. Look out for a mix of factors that are personally relevant to you - such as program strength, location, campus culture, extracurricular opportunities, and so on.

3 days ago

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