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Any SAT tips and tricks you wish you knew before?

Hello peeps! Just started my SAT prep and am kind of overwhelmed. I was hoping some of you all might be able to share any SAT tips and tricks you wish you knew before taking the test. Anything at all would really help me out! Thanks in advance!

8 days ago

Hello there! The SAT can certainly seem overwhelming at first, but breaking it down into smaller sections and focusing on each part can help you manage your prep better. Here are a few tips that could come in handy:

1. Understand the Format: This is key! The SAT, as of Spring 2024, is now a completely digital test, with Reading and Writing sections divided into two 32-minute modules for a total of 54 questions, and the Math section divided into two 35-minute modules for a total of 44 questions. Familiarize yourself with the format to manage your time better during the test.

2. Practice Timed Sections: Practicing the timing can be very beneficial. For Reading and Writing, you have about 71 seconds per question. For Math, you have about 96 seconds per question. Try to practice time management and get comfortable with this pace.

3. Use the Bluebook™ App: This app allows you to preview the digital SAT and take a full-length practice test. It's highly recommended as it can help you get accustomed to the digital format of the exam.

4. Focus on Weak Areas: All questions on the SAT carry the same weight, regardless of difficulty, so it's best to ensure you have the "easy" and "medium" difficulty questions down in your weaker areas before you focus on the hard ones.

5. Guess if You're Unsure: There's no penalty for wrong answers, so make an educated guess if you're unsure of an answer. Try to eliminate one or more incorrect choices to increase your chances.

6. Understand the Instructions: The instructions for each question type on the SAT remain the same each year. If you familiarize yourself with the instructions ahead of time, you can save precious seconds during the actual test.

7. Reading Passage Strategies: When tackling the reading section, many find it beneficial to read the questions first and then skim the passage for answers, as opposed to reading the entire passage upfront. This can save time for other questions.

8. Math Section: Make use of your calculator effectively, since you can now use it on both Math modules (unlike the old SAT). Also, learn to recognize certain types of math questions that recur frequently on the SAT and familiarize yourself with how to solve them.

Remember, consistent practice is the key. Best of luck with your prep!

8 days ago

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