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Tell me about the 'School of the Seven Sisters'

Hey folks, I came across the term 'School of the Seven Sisters' when I was researching colleges. Can anyone explain what this term refers to and which colleges are part of this group? Thanks in advance!

8 days ago

Hello! The term "School of the Seven Sisters" is a collective reference for seven historically women's liberal arts colleges in the United States. They were created to provide women with an education equivalent to that of the Ivy League, which predominantly admitted men at the time of the Sisters' founding.

The seven schools are:

1. Barnard College (affiliated with Columbia University)

2. Bryn Mawr College

3. Mount Holyoke College

4. Radcliffe College (now absorbed by Harvard University)

5. Smith College

6. Vassar College (now coeducational)

7. Wellesley College

Known for their rigorous academic standards, these colleges continue to be recognized for their commitment to liberal arts education. They also maintain a tradition of cross-registration and inter-library loaning within the group.

Do note that Radcliffe merged with Harvard University and ceased to exist as a separate entity. Vassar College became coeducational in 1969. The remaining colleges are still women's colleges. Happy researching!

8 days ago

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