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Interesting in learning more about Seven Sister Colleges

Hey guys! I've heard a lot about the Seven Sister Colleges. What's so special about these institutions? Can anyone shed some light on this? Like, what's their history, how do they compare academically, and are they generally more selective than other colleges? Any info would be cool!

7 days ago

Hi there! You've asked a really interesting question. The Seven Sisters Colleges are a prestigious group of historically women's liberal arts colleges in the United States, which were created as counterparts to the Ivy League schools, which were predominantly male at the time these colleges were established. The Seven Sisters include Barnard College, Bryn Mawr College, Mount Holyoke College, Smith College, Wellesley College, Radcliffe College, and Vassar College.

In terms of history, these colleges were founded between the mid-1800s and early 1900s out of a mission to provide women with an education equivalent to that offered in men’s colleges. Radcliffe has since merged with Harvard and no longer exists as a separate institution, and Vassar has become coeducational. These schools have produced many prominent graduates and continue to be known for their rigorous academics and empowering environments.

Academically, the Seven Sisters Colleges are indeed known for their high-quality education. They have strong profiles in various academic fields, from social sciences, humanities to STEM. Each of these schools has developed its own strengths over the years. For instance, Wellesley is well known for its political science and international relations programs, while Bryn Mawr has a noted psychology program and is part of the Tri-College Consortium with Swarthmore and Haverford.

As for selectivity, they are indeed quite selective, although less so than some of the Ivy League (possibly due to lesser-known reputations). Their acceptance rates vary but are generally under 40%, with schools like Wellesley often being below 20%. They look for students with strong academic records and extracurricular activities that demonstrate leadership and involvement. Remember that while the stats are important, these colleges also value personal qualities that come through in essays and recommendation letters.

They are also known for their tight-knit, supportive communities and beautiful campuses. Each of these colleges offers a unique culture and environment that may appeal to you differently, so it's worth paying a visit or attending virtual tours if possible.

Hopefully, this gives you a better idea of what the Seven Sisters Colleges are all about! Do dig deeper into each of them and see what stands out to you.

7 days ago

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