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Sports vs. Clubs: Do colleges value one over the other?

I need some advice! I play on the soccer team and I'm also active in a few clubs like the debate team and the science club. If I want to make my application stand out, should I be investing more time in sports or clubs, or do colleges typically like a balance between the two? What's been your experience or what have you heard from admissions counselors on this one?

8 months ago

Hello! It's great that you have a diverse set of interests and activities. The truth is, colleges generally don't value one type of extracurricular over another. What is most important is the depth of your commitment and your achievements within those activities. If you have leadership roles in your clubs or if you've helped them achieve significant milestones, that's impressive. Same goes for sports – being a team captain or leading your team to a championship can be a highlight on your application.

For instance, if you've taken initiative to organize a large event for the science club or have won awards at debate tournaments, those are accomplishments that should definitely be showcased. Similarly, if in soccer you've excelled, demonstrated sportsmanship, and commitment, that's also valuable. Essentially, colleges are looking to understand who you are, what you're passionate about, and how you've contributed in meaningful ways.

So instead of splitting your time evenly or choosing one over the other, focus on where you feel most passionate and where you can make the most impact. Balance is good, but impact and passion are key!

8 months ago

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