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What are the highest ACT scores? Trying to set my goals.

Hey folks, I'm a Junior who recently got my ACT scores back. I did pretty OK, but I obviously have room for improvement. Does anyone know what the maximum score I could aim for on the ACT is?

16 days ago

The ACT is scored on a scale of 1 to 36, with 36 being the maximum possible score. This score is an average of your scores on the four multiple-choice test sections: English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science. Each of these sections is also scored on a scale of 1 to 36.

In addition to your composite score of 1-36, you'll also receive a STEM subscore (an average of your Math and Science scores) and a ELA subscore (an average of your English and Reading scores), each on a scale of 1-36. These subscores are just for your information and colleges do not use them for admissions.

Only a small fraction of test-takers achieve a perfect 36 on the ACT. But remember that while aiming for a higher score is beneficial, it's also important to consider the average scores of admitted students at the colleges you're interested in, which can significantly vary. Aiming to score within or above that range could increase your chances of admission.

Lastly, don't forget that standardized test scores are just one part of your college application. Keeping your grades up, participating in extracurricular activities where you can demonstrate leadership and passion, and writing compelling essays are equally, if not more, important.

16 days ago

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